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Vertical Lift Consulting Welcomes Daniel Ledding to the Team

Vertical Lift Consulting Welcomes Daniel Ledding to the Team

Daniel Ledding Jr., a 20-year combat medic and flight paramedic from Selah, Washington, joined the Vertical Lift Consulting team January 3 as Director of Training and Business Development. Ledding will work alongside CEO David Creech to provide on-site training opportunities featuring the Breeze-Eastern external rescue hoists and the Zephyr ZGS-10000-series Rescue Hoist Ground Support Equipment (RHGSE) and ZGS-15000-series MagSens, in cooperation with Breeze-Eastern LLC and Zephyr International LLC, respectively.

Ledding, originally from Dubuque, Iowa, joined the U.S. Army in 2000 and spent the next two decades as ambulance aidman and driver, SERE senior medic, flight platoon sergeant and ultimately detachment sergeant of a U.S. Army Air Ambulance Detachment. He served overseas in Kosovo in 2002, Iraq in both 2005 and 2008, Afghanistan in 2012, and with EUCOM in 2015. Ledding also led three units as a flight instructor and unit trainer in the UH-1V Huey and UH-60 A/L Blackhawk helicopters and helped facilitate the implementation of the Army’s Hoist Training Support Package and Standard Operating Procedure as the unit’s detachment sergeant. He also developed a medical training program resulting in the first Army MEDEVAC unit to attain 100% pass ratings in all oral, written and medical evaluations conducted by the Army’s Department of Evaluations and Standardizations in 2019.

“I chose to be a medic because helping people on their worst day and being that pivotal piece that could help them return home to their families is the best job in the world,” he says. “Becoming a flight paramedic gave me the tools to help patients get to the best care possible in some very hostile environments, both due to terrain and combat.”

“My goals for VLC (Vertical Lift Consulting) are to … expand operations so units can have the option to receive world-class training from subject matter experts who are passionate about their jobs and enjoy being in the aviation community,” he continues. VLC is dedicated to providing hoist users with high-quality training in a convenient location at a reasonable price to ensure all users are prepared to prevent and respond to any situation that could arise during use of the hoist and Zephyr units.

Ledding and his wife, Cortney, and children, Logan (14) and Paislee (4), live on a small hobby farm in the Pacific Northwest. Ledding also manages a woodworking businesses in his spare time.

…because you’ve got a lot riding on this!

By David Creech

President/CEO/Senior Consultant, Vertical Lift Consulting

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